Autism Spectrum


We welcome children ages two through six who have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum, inclusive of Asperger's Syndrome,  PDDNOS, and Sensory Integration Disorder. 

Live Oak Little School, Inc. works to support your child’s healthy development. In a creative, happy and balanced learning environment every child is encouraged to communicate effectively. Your child will learn how to be more independent and participate in social and recreational activities. 

Live Oak Little School, Inc. is guided firmly in ABA Based Therapies. We recognize the value of and implement the use of Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training and Picture Exchange Communication. The educators at Live Oak Little School recommend Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies as part of our standard ABA curriculum. We will follow your chosen goals as our directive for each child. We welcome your chosen therapists and shadows to join us at school. This will help acclimate your child to our social and academic school setting. The class size is very small. This ensures your child will have optimum time with teachers and have a small peer group base. One child out of every 28 children is on the spectrum. This is a lovely balance that ensures acceptance by all children. 

Avery is happily acclimated into public school. He works as a student coach and presenter of a character education program. He discusses his life's perspective living on the spectrum and teaches typical children how he perceives the world and what it is like to be more sensitive to light and sound. This program allows typical children to have the opportunity to ask questions of people who have Autism. 

Your therapists are welcome to visit the school prior to enrollment to help us provide the best learning environment for your child. Your child should be accompanied by his or her therapist at school. Each therapist must comply with state regulated forms to be processed through Columbia.